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Physiological systems have a number of properties: has a complex composition (afferent and efferent components), aimed to perform a specific task, which can be solved in other ways / means. Since the notion of (FS) was introduced as part of the physiology of Anokhin, this concept requires a number of adjustments when viewed in perspective of RFT. Luria VPF considered as complex self-regulating processes. Also distinguish the following characteristics VPF: formation in vivo; sociocultural conditioning, accessibility for reflection; arbitrariness; possibility of self-control consists of a certain number of units have formalized structure. A) Features VPF as FS identical physiological: plasticity and the possibility of tuning the FS to achieve goals using invariant variative funds; systemic structure (composed of units linked to each other by the type of equality and subordination and are organized system of education); coordinated and coherent operation is ensured different organs or parts of the brain (in the case of RFT as FS). B) Features VPF as FS, non-physiological: have a social structure, mediated by the structure are arbitrary and conscious by way of functioning.


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