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In most countries, the concept of common clinical psychology, and not medical. In clinical psychology in the United States include psychotherapy, psychological testing, counseling psychology, mental hygiene and rehabilitation, some sections Defectology Psychosomatics. In Poland, medical psychology is also understood widely in the number of its tasks include diagnostic, clinical and recovery activities, rehabilitation of disabled persons, psychotherapy, psycho-correction, control and efficiency psychocorrection psihoterapii.V our country KK Platonov considered clinical psychology as part of medical psychology. Clinical psychology, in his opinion, has practical value, responding to the needs of the clinic: psychiatric, neurological, somatic. In medical psychology Platonov included besides clinical psychology Mental Health. Noun. number of areas of honey. Y associated with a wedge. Y: psychiatry, neurology and neurosurgery, somatic medits. Psychopathology is one of the sections of honey. psychology.


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