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Dynamic system that basis. localization of VPF Comp. e-pos on syst. storenii VPF and systems. brains. organization. Under VPF understand complicated. f. consciousness. Y Worker., Impl. based resp. motives regulator. acc. objectives and programs, and to obey. zkon all. Y Worker. by Luria, VPF possessing. three Har-kami: they are formed in vivo, under the influence. Social. factors, they are mediated by its slender Y. (Preim. speech) and carried out by the method of arbitrary. VPF system as we Possessing. great .. plasticity., interdependence. entrance. components in them. unchanged. ost. in them and of course the problem. Var., and Variability - funds. Representat. VPF on Luria added the idea of ​​the VPF as a function. system max, instead of common earlier concepts f-tions. (Fs) - Yfiziolg. VPF basis of their general communication-tion yavl. systemic (edited from a number of units, a cat. connected. together as = as ductility and integrity of the work. to provide. Telegram. Y Fct uch. entire brain as vysokodiffer. integer, but this whole comp. vysokodif of. partitions (system-m zones) each. from. cat. contributes to occur. Fct. directly from the brain. structures should relate not all pf and fin. its units, and physiologist. processes cat. impl. these structures.


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