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All diagnostics used in clinical psychology is divided into positive and negative. Negative - this kind of research is applied in various states violations of both mental and physical health, which is intended to diagnosis, identification of pathological mechanisms of functioning, accentuation, etc., their differentiation from other similar disorders and conditions. Negative results of diagnostics used in psychiatry (large and small), neuropsychology, psycho-correction and more. etc. Positive diagnosis is used to identify personal (individual) features of the human psyche, the character of some of his mental functions and several others. The data obtained in this kind of diagnosis, applicable in many application areas (such as various vocational and employment examinations, individual and group counseling, etc.). Symptom - symptoms b-no. Neuropsychologist. Symptom - violat. ps. Fct due. Lokal. amazed. gol.m. (Thus recovered. Primary. Np Symp. As violat. Neposr. Connected. Impaired. Certain factor (this principle physiologist. Worker. Objectified. Sq. structure is broken. Cat. Drive. Pojavl to. Np syndrome) and secondary - fuss. as a consequence of systemic primary. np in s-us system interrelation with first.; np syndrome a com-regular. np symptoms connected. lunge with. 1 or several. factors.


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