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The problem of localization VPF yavl. one of the center .. np problems. Milestones in Conf. this problem: Hippocrates (conduct disorder them. physiological. causes communication. the brain). Aristotle, Galen, and then Detect. ventricles system mu brain. later complicated. two directions: 1) the theory of ultrasonic testing. is localized. (Gall 1810). He regarded the brain as a collection of bodies, each cat. Was substrate fin. Y ability. Development Dep. Body provoking. protrusion objectified. uch-ka skull (® light shows fin. Naib, developed). pojavl. phrenologist. card. his credit status. that he regarded the brain as a fin. body. 2) Antilocalization. (Haller) Assuming one brain status. from one to the Islands .. idea for Y Fct Br. whole brain (since the show .. they were examined. that removing parts of the brain changed first. behavior. then proish. rebels. due compensation). Proponents of this theory yavl. also Brock, Wernicke (touch u. speech), Jackson (ip-tion can not be locale. only one uch-ke brain. any Y-tion f: Spine. levels. subcortex; senesorny rear. fin.; frontal engine compartment. share). Patriotic neuropsychologist. nucleation. Luria in the works. By then it was known: anatomist. factors (its ontogeny ..), the brain does not yavl. uniformly comp. Wetted parts (in filo and ontogeny size and composition of the brain. changing. Broadman based tsitoarhitekton. theory Bldg .52 zone); physiologist. data and mapping the brain. (When stimuli dec. Uch-ing engine compartment. Crust fuss. Dec. Motion.: Penfield, Bard) wire. experiments to implant electrodes in the brain. Luria attempt. connected. these data and create. that the system dynamic. localization of VPF. Its foundations were laid. seq. principles: a) provision for ekstrokorti. Prince. organization of the brain (mechanical working brain. formed. during Joint. Worker. p-ka and adults due to the App. tools, speech ® in the brain. formed. spec. Fct. b) The position of the system organisms. VPF and dyn. character. changed. in their ontogeny (Y f-tion to them. complex. characteristic p. and forms. complicates through., ext. new components (Vygotsky), c) the special provision. consecutive amazed. Brain. p-ka and adult (narush. brain works. at p Single drive. VPF to underdevelopment; adults. ANSP.) d) Prince. dyn. is localized. (Ukhtomsky, Pavlov for Telegram. VPF not Ven. 1st uch-ka Y exc., And dyn. Conn.) D) Funktsional. system we (Anokhin) e) hierarchy. organisms. Motion-I (Bernstein).


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