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Subject of clinical psychology is the study of the mechanisms and patterns of persistent maladaptive states. Thus, we can say that clinical psychology deals with the diagnosis, correction and restoration of the equilibrium ratio of the individual and of his life, based on knowledge of emerging maladjustment. Specific objectives are definitions of the following life. way: participation in solving differential. diagnostic analysis of the structure and determining the degree of mental. disorders, diagnosis of mental. development and selection of general education pathways and employment training, assessment of neuro-dynamics of mental. accounting violations and the effectiveness of therapy, personality characteristics and its system of relations, participation in rehabilitation. and other therapies.

Parameters listed above (see ticket 12 - 1) act differently in different variants dizontogeneza intellectual, motor, sensory and emotional sphere. Psychic dizontogenez can be represented by the following options: 1. hypoplasia: before slaughter, when there is a marked immaturity of brain systems, especially the most complex having a long period of development (eg, mental retardation) 2. delayed development: slowing down the formation of cognitive and emotional spheres of their time fixing earlier age stages (such as the delay of the emotional sphere - infantilism) 3. impaired development: (organic dementia) 4. deficit is related to the development of severe violations of individual analyzer systems, musculoskeletal systems. 5. distorted development - a complex combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 types (such as early infantile autism) 6. disharmonious development (number of psychopathy). As the data in clinical analysis, the above options are not dizontogeneza separate entity, but rather as symptoms of abnormal development, which often can be combined with each other with the predominance of a master.


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