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Psychopathology studies, by definition Zeigarnik, the structure of mental dysfunctions, mental decay patterns in their comparison with the norm. In this pathopsychology uses psychological techniques operates with concepts of modern psychology. Psychopathology can be considered as a common problem of medical psychology (when studying patterns of disintegration of the psyche, personality changes, mental patients) and private (when studying mental disorders specific patient to clarify the diagnosis of labor, judicial or military expertise). Objectives of PPP are the same as and clinics, but the subject - the other. PPP is studying the causes of b-no, the formation and development of symptoms inventory. Wedge. symptom, decide on the forecast, current b-no, treatment and prevention .. crazy. b-it => describes the picture. PPP studies crazy. mechanisms and patterns of symptom formation. PPP relies on obschepsiholog. knowledge that she App. for the analysis of the reflection of reality distortion. Basic methods - observation and conversation. Should separate the notion of PPP and psychopathology: the second being a clinical discipline operates honey. categories and general psychopath. criteria (outcome, prognosis, or b), building on the wedge. analysis, while the PPP - crazy laws violations. activities, App. psychologist. methods.


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