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Types of psychopaths

Psychopathy (personality disorders) Types of Dynamics and treatment of psychopathy psychopathy Psychopathy attributed to borderline mental disorders, they occupy a position between the personality accentuation (individual characterological disorders, well compensated, leading to impairment of behavior only in short periods associated with trauma decompensation) and progressive mental illness . In our country, in the diagnosis of psychopathy used clinical criteria established by PB Gannushkina: personal strain stability, the totality of psychopathic features Lichnos

Dynamics and treatment of psychopathy

Psychopathy (personality disorders) Types Dynamics and treatment of psychopathy psychopathy psychopathy DYNAMICS By PB Gannushkina, psychopathy is necessary to study not only static, highlighting the most common options, but also in the dynamics. In this connection it is important to note that a personality disorder not be attributed to disease processes, as they do not have a progressive flow (as opposed to, for example schizophrenia), but the speaker when psychopathies evident. Changes in state (periods of decompensation), which are regarded as phase (seizures) may occur in psychopathic personalities without reasons spontaneously (autochthonous), with a return on their completion

Psychopathy (personality disorders)

Psychopathy (personality disorders) Types of psychopathy Dynamics and treatment of psychopathy  Personality disorder or psychopathy - resistant, developing in childhood and continuing throughout life pathology (deformation) personality is manifested in its entirety distortion, expressed in such an extent that violates the adaptation and leads to difficulty of interpersonal relations.  Psychopathic personalities - people who, in the words of K. Schneider, because of their mental characteristics suffer themselves and make others suffer. Personality deviation in these patients may undergo modifications known, grow, or, conversely, smoothing
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