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Psycology » Mental disorders in syphilitic lesions of the brain

Mental disorders in syphilitic lesions of the brain (brain syphilis and progressive paralysis)

Syphilitic infection is known, affects all organs and tissues, including the brain. In clinical psychiatry, traditionally there are two separate diseases: syphilis of the brain itself and paralysis (pp). Sometimes these diseases are collectively called neurosyphilis (a52.1, f02.8). Syphilis (from the name of the poem J Italian physician. Frakastoro SyphilisSiveDeMorboGallico syphilis, or the French Disease, 1530) of the brain occurs most often in 2 - 4 years after infection, it belongs to the early forms of neurosyphilis, and paralysis in the late stages. With early neurosyphilis primarily affected tissue of mesodermal origin (vessels, shell), n
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