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Dependence on tranquilizers

Abuse of tranquilizers - one of the most common forms of substance abuse, because these drugs are relatively easily available, prescribed by physicians of different specialties. Tranquilizers such as benzodiazepines, together with cardiovascular agents are widely used in the world as medicaments. Most often means abuse are seduksen, Relanium, sibazon, Ativan (lorazepam), radedorm (eunoktin, nitrazepam), phenazepam, clonazepam, elenium. Clinical practice shows that the effectiveness of benzodiazepines with prolonged use decreases. This leads to the development of tolerance and "Syndrome

Cocaine addiction and amphetamine addiction

Cocaine is used since the times of ancient times. Aborigines of South America Incas centuries chewed coca. Coca leaves are not only played an important role in the religious rituals of the Incas, but also used for medicinal purposes, as well as during operation (especially physical). In Europe, the spread of coca began in the mid and especially late xix century. In 1884 3. Freud, in his first major publication about "coca" recommended cocaine as a local anesthetic, as a cure for depression, indigestion, asthma, various neuroses, syphilis, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as impotence. These considerations about Freud's cocaine (except local obezbo

Hashishism and treatment gashinizma

Cannabis derivatives include hashish, marijuana, hashish, the resin kannibisa, hash oil, various handicraft made of hemp drugs. Activity of the drug is determined by the level of THC (THC). Under laboratory conditions, the experiments on humans found that the threshold dose of hashish action yavlyaetya 50 mg THC per 1 kg of body weight of the test. Clear effect was observed when administered 200-250 mg / kg. Dose of 300-480 mg / kg caused a disturbance of consciousness, hallucinations. Thus, the gap between the initial and toxic dose is 6-9 kratnym1. First receptions while smoking hashish sometimes have no effect. If intoxicated appearance

Opium addiction and treatment of opiate addiction

Recently, this kind of addiction in our country is the most common. It includes patients abusing opium handicraft treated opioids (acetylated opium), as well as those who have become addicted to morphine, codeine, promedola proksidola, fentanyl, methadone, heroin, dioxin tenodila. First reception, opiates causes half of patients nausea, vomiting, unpleasant feeling, others - a pleasant mood with complacency. Repeated dose of opiates appears pathological attraction to him. With the systematic use of opiates develops the initial stage of addiction. Its characteristics becomes

Drug and substance abuse

Addiction (Substance Abuse) - mental illness characterized by a pathological addiction to various narcotic (psychoactive) substances, depending on the development and progressive degradation of the individual. Frequent systematic drug use causes chronic intoxication, persistent forms addicted (psychic and physical dependence) to these toxic substances. Termination (break) of drug use leads to decompensation of mental activity. In domestic science decided to allocate drug and substance abuse. By addiction include diseases caused by intake of substances included in official
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