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The notion of mental illness

In everyday parlance, the word disease is used in the broadest sense. In psychiatric practice, the term mental illness also does not have a sufficiently precise values. Surprisingly difficult to give a satisfactory definition of these concepts. In everyday clinical practice, this fact is largely irrelevant, except when it comes to some controversial legal issues such as involuntary hospitalization. In forensic psychiatry the definition of mental illness is important, when the question of being able to whether the person to participate in the trial of criminal responsibility

Classification in psychiatry

In psychiatry, classification is trying to make a certain system in a huge variety of phenomena encountered in clinical practice. Her goal is to selecting groups of patients with similar clinical features, thereby ensuring the opportunity to plan appropriate treatment and predict the likely outcome of the disease. At the heart of most classification systems are based on diagnostic categories such as schizophrenia and affective disorders. Diagnosis is the process of attributing the disorder to any diagnostic category. Among psychiatrists prevailing view that classification in psychiatry plays creatures
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