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There is an assumption that neurosis is an expression of emotional distress inherent whole family, and not one person disorder, seek medical care and receiving treatment (identified patient). Although family problems are commonplace for patients with neuroses, in the above formulation of their overall value is almost certainly exaggerated, as the emotional complexity of other family members should rather be regarded as the result than the cause of neurosis given patient. This is illustrated by data

study conducted by Kreitman et al. (1970). Compared with control subjects wives women whose husbands suffer from neuroses were found higher levels of neuroticism and found more neurotic symptoms. These symptoms occurred more frequently than was more marital experience in this pair, and this suggests that they are at least in part, resulted from living together with her husband, neurotic. Such interaction can be amplified by the fact that neurotics are more inclined to spend more time with their wives than to exercise social activity outside the home (Kreitman et al. 1970; Henderson et al. 1978).


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