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When chirospasm attempts at writing accompanied by painful muscle spasms, providing subtle finger movements. Spasms usually begin immediately, you only pick up a pen. The patient can learn to write with your other hand, but often it is also affected. Meanwhile, in other similar actions spasm in fact usually does not occur and there is nothing stopping the patient, such as a hand-held brush for drawing.

Professional cramps are similar disorders in which violated certain forms of movements, most often associated with special skills. The disease occurs, in particular, pianists, violinists, telegraph and typists. It usually begins in middle age and has a poor prognosis. Attempts have been made to explain the etiology of the disease from the standpoint of psychodynamic, organic theories from the viewpoint of learning theory, but they were unsuccessful. Lack of positive results for any psychological treatment gives grounds to assume the presence of an organic element in the etiology, but still could not find anything concrete. Whatever the type of spasm, dictated by common sense behavioristic approach to treatment is probably no less effective than any other. Thus, patients with writer's cramp it would be appropriate to teach relaxation techniques; further sequence could be: the patient spends anger management session, providing muscle relaxation, and then he writes for gradually increasing periods of time at first letters, then words and sentences. In the treatment of writer's cramp used a special form of aversion therapy using a special pen: writing it felt easy a shock whenever the pressure of his fingers on the handle housing exceeds a certain level. This method does not give positive results and is not recommended for use.


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