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As in the management of patients with schizophrenia, apparently, effective and drug therapy, and social activities on the conditions of life of patients and families to assist them, it is advisable to find out whether you can use these two types of treatment in the interaction. Hogarty et al. (1974) studied the effect of the role of therapy (ie, from social events aimed at finding its role in patients with labor or social) with the use of drugs and without them. Themselves social events very little effect on reducing the frequency of relapses, in conjunction with drug therapy they were given a more significant effect. Perhaps this difference is partly due to the fact that the patients were taking medication more regularly, being in contact with social workers, but this is hardly a comprehensive explanation. In the study of patients who, in addition to the continuous reception of medicines visiting outpatient, Linn et al. (1979) found that treatment in the day hospital has an additional beneficial effect on patients, if it is based on low-intensity and occupational therapy, but not when it includes more aggressive treatments, such as group therapy.


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