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As a growing tendency to prefer not hospitalization and home care for them, in some families began to emerge significant difficulties. Relatives of schizophrenics noted two main groups of problems (Sgeeg 1978). The first group is associated with social withdrawal: patients with schizophrenia do not interact with other family members, and they are slow, do not take care of themselves, do not enter into the conversation, the scope of their interests is very limited. The second group is associated with a clearly disturbed and socially unacceptable behavior such as restlessness, strange or disinhibited behavior in society, as well as the threat of violence. It turned out that the relatives of schizophrenics are often in a state of anxiety, depression, experiencing guilt, confusion. Many do not know how to behave when Bad and the strange behavior of the patient. In addition, difficulties arise because of disagreements among family members about the relationship to the patient and treatment, and more often due to a lack of understanding and sympathy from neighbors and friends. All this is often very seriously complicates the lives of these families. Unfortunately, in the UK and in other countries, public services for patients with chronic schizophrenia often leave much to be desired (see: Johnstone et al. 1984).


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