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Sjobring developed a scheme widely used in Scandinavian countries, but nowhere else. The reader might find this circuit in some significant Scandinavian monographs, published in English. Personality characteristics for use in the labeling of three categories with the addition of the fourth to the intellect (which is called Ability). The first three digits Stability somewhat reminiscent of introversion-extraversion. Ultrastable people cold, focused on itself (introvert) and interested in ideas, whereas malostabilny impetuous man, sociable and active. Class Thoroughness. Sverhosnovatelny people reliable, cautious and seasoned, and maloosnovatelny unstable, agile in subjective judgments. The third level is Activity. Hyperactive person likes risk, expansive and self-confident, and his antipodzastenchiv, discreet and easily comes to excitement. The interested reader can find the information about the scheme in English article Sjobring (1973).


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