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Schneider). Such a feature of the psyche makes them look like the actors. Because, for example, in France even coined the term "gistrionizm", "gistrionicheskaya personality" (from the Latin. Histrio - busker, which is characterized by the desire to please and flatter).

Jaspers (1923) saw the main feature of hysterical psychopaths in their desire to appear in the eyes of others "more than it really is." Penchant for fiction, fantasy, pseudologist connected with this basic quality of hysterical personalities with their "thirst for recognition." Similar properties have been reported in these individuals from childhood, when they can be shown and motor hysterical "stigma" - fits of crying, convulsions, stuttering phenomena sudden aphonia, Astasia-Abaza. These children and adolescents found a penchant for extravagant actions, often frivolous, they go on various adventures, are not capable of systematic purposeful activity, refuse serious work that requires thorough preparation and stable voltage, assiduity, their knowledge is superficial, not deep.

Hysterical psychopaths attracts idle life with entertainment, they like to get some fun out of life, enjoy yourself, show off in society, "splurge". They try to emphasize their superiority - beauty, talent, singularity - a variety of ways: the desire vociferously, sometimes even elaborately dressed, demonstrating commitment to fashion, exaggeration of their knowledge in areas such as philosophy, art. They are not averse to emphasize their special place in society, hinting at communication with famous people, talk about their rich, vast opportunities, which is just a figment of imagination and consequence pseudologist. These properties PB Gannushkin explained hysterical psychopaths desire to be the center of attention. The real world for a person with mental gets hysterical at PB Gannushkina, unique whimsical outlines an objective criterion for them is lost, which often gives rise to accuse others of such a person in the best case of lying or pretending. Due to lack of ability to perceive reality objectively tantrums some events assessed as extremely bright and meaningful, while others - like pale and expressionless, hence for them implies no difference between fantasy and reality. Weather in hysterical psychopathy often unfavorable, although good social and labor conditions in adulthood may be a persistent and prolonged payment. They become somewhat smoother acquire certain job skills. Less favorable cases the presence pseudologist such psychopaths stand out even in a separate group of liars and deceivers (by Kraepelin, 1915).

Paranoid personality disorder (paranoid personality disorder).

This personality type is closest to the schizoid. Ready to paranoid developments here is the most typical. For this type of psychopathic personalities are characteristic stenichnost, revaluation of the "I", suspicion, and the tendency to form overvalued ideas. This lack of candor people, capricious, irritable, with a predominance of unilateral affects which often take precedence over logic and reason. They are extremely careful, conscientious, intolerant of injustice. Their outlook is rather narrow interests, are generally limited, too straightforward judgments are not always consistent. Random acts of others, they are often regarded as hostile, around what they see something special meaning. Extreme self-centeredness is the hallmark of paranoid psychopaths, that is what is the basis of their high self-esteem, a heightened sense of self-esteem. Everything that lies outside the realm of his own "I", they are indifferent. Permanent opposition itself can be combined with others deeply concealed sense of inner dissatisfaction. Incredulity in such cases can easily transform into suspicion arises easily convinced that they are treated without due respect, want to abuse, threaten their interests. Any trifle indifferent any event be construed as a manifestation of bad intentions, hostile attitude. Such complex personal anomalies remains steadfast and does not change throughout life, may even be observed abnormal growth of a trait (SA Sukhanov, 1912). This makes it ready to paranoid reaction. By PB Gannushkina, the specific property is paranoid tendency to overvalued ideas that are different in the plot (persecution, jealousy, invention) and dominate the whole person, define the general behavior.

Expansive paranoid personality - Pathological jealous, people who are prone to conflicts leguleian, whistleblower, "reformers". According to VF Siskin (1902), they are always happy with yourself, do not confuse the failure of their struggle with "the personal enemies" tempers them, energizes. Energy and activity combined with high background mood. This includes a group of fanatics who obsession with extreme passion and devote themselves to any one case (an example is religious fanaticism).

May also occur (though rarely) sensitive paranoid psychopaths. They have an affinity for the payment period with sensitive schizoid. In general, sensitive, asthenic traits have similar personalities combined with sthenic (ambition, high self-esteem). By E. Kretschmer (1930), especially the typical one is the appearance in connection with various ethical conflicts of sensitive prolonged reactions determine the "relationship neurosis." With interpersonal conflicts often associated phenomena decompensation paranoid psychopaths. The main plot is determined by the development of a paranoid content provoking situation. In this way of thinking is characterized by inertia and thoroughness.

Dissocial personality disorder (unstable personality disorder).

This type of personality differs immaturity moral and volitional qualities, their underdevelopment, heightened suggestibility, lack of positive ethical vital installations. Already in childhood, such persons are characterized by lack of persistent interests lack own perspective, heightened suggestibility.

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