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Kretschmer put forward the idea that people with Endomorph physique (Stocky, thick, rounded body shape) are particularly prone to affective disorders (Kretschmer 1936). But later in the studies using objective measurement methods failed to identify a stable connection of this kind (von Zerssen 1976). Kraepelin suggested that people with cyclothymic Type Personality (ie, with constantly repeated for a long time, mood swings) more likely to develop manic-depressive disorder (Kraepelin 1921). Subsequently reported that this connection is apparently more pronounced in bipolar disorders than monopolar (Leonhard et al. 1962). However, if the personality assessment carried out in the absence of information about the type of disease, and bipolar patients did not show the prevalence of personality traits tsiklotimicheskie (Tellenbach 1975).

Apparently, no one personality type does not predispose to unipolar depressive disorders, in particular, in depressive personality disorder such communication can not be traced. Clinical experience suggests that in this respect the most important are such personality traits as obsessional traits and willingness to manifest anxiety. As expected, these features are important because they largely determine the nature and intensity of the human response to stress. Unfortunately, the data obtained in the study of individual patients with depression often have little value, since studies were conducted during the period when the patient was in a state of depression, and in this case, the evaluation results can not give an adequate idea of ​​the premorbid personality.

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