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The term "hallucinosis" coined K. Wernicke (1900) to refer to states with heavy, massive hearing hallucinations that occur in patients with alcoholism and are not accompanied by dizziness. At the same time, many patients develop a secondary phenomenon, hallucinatory delirium, hallucinations arising from the content ("hallucinatory insanity drunks" by Kraepelin). But many cases of chronic auditory hallucinosis occurring not accompanied by the development of hallucinatory delirium. Hallucinosis can be acute or chronic, with sharp develop suddenly and quickly, can be accompanied by a pronounced affect (fear, anxiety, depression, mania), and are characterized by monotonous chronic hallucinations, lack of reaction of the patient, the monotony of passion. Zhislin SG (1965) investigated the phenomenon of verbal hallucinosis in patients with schizophrenia. Here are two case histories from his work.

"Patient J. born in 1928, was in the Hospital. PB Gannushkin from 18 January to 13 March 1958. Paternal grandmother suffered during menopause some mental disease. Father - unbalanced, easily excitable. Born in time in a military family, grew up in a financially good conditions. Was strong, lively child to develop properly. At preschool age suffered measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever sick twice, followed by otitis and neuritis of the auditory nerve. Shortly after scarlet fever swollen knee joints, increased temperature. Rheumatic disease was regarded as, in the future exacerbations was not. In school enrolled in 8 years, studied well, exactly, different accuracy, perseverance. While studying at the 8th grade (15 years old) was found tuberculous spondylitis, for 2 years lying in traction, then 6 years old wore a corset. According to the character remained the same, was cheerful, sociable, very soft and sensitive, more impressionable, prone to dreaming and introspection. After the break, associated with disease of the spine, has successfully completed grade 10 in 1948 (20 years) entered the Pedagogical Institute in the Department of Logic and Philosophy. Upon graduation in 1952, worked as a teacher of literature in school. Jobs did not like, there was no real contact with the children that she was inclined to be associated with a decrease in hearing. A year later she moved to the library, book storage department. Cope well with their duties, but this did not get satisfaction.

In early 1955 there was lethargy, decreased markedly interest in everything worse mood, often crying for no apparent reason at work, could not focus on the right questions, and many willingly lay. Soon began to hear shouts by name, and then whole sentences, addressed to her, uttered a voice close to her. Was confused, I could not understand in the surrounding are at the mercy of hallucinatory experiences. In April 1955, was admitted to a hospital to them. ZP Solovyov; conducted insulin (30 shocks). After discharge remained sluggish, sleepy, little interest in others, to the previous work failed to return.

In May 1956 tried to work in raysobese, but it soon became difficult to think, having auditory hallucinations first commenter, and then threatening, worked like a machine. Was admitted to a hospital it. PB Gannushkina, where soon translated into the clinic to them. SS Korsakov. Was disturbing, confused, unable to understand their experiences, not

understand what was happening to her. Constantly heard voices cynical insult. Could not distinguish real from hallucinatory voices, sometimes it seemed that they say on the radio, examining questions of an intimate relationship of the sexes. Was absorbed by the content of hallucinations, they are determined by the behavior in office. Periodically experienced fear, stated that is crazy. Believed that it is run through the voices of some force, it acts on some orders. One of the doctors in the name of her friend, pursues her.

In the treatment of chlorpromazine in doses of 75-100 mg intramuscularly for 24 days has changed the nature of hallucinations, they have become less bright (the patient has distinguished them from reality), unstable and gradually disappeared completely, there was criticism of the illness. Was discharged from the hospital in November 1956 in good condition. During the year, felt good, engaged in farming, was sociable, active, soft. Chlorpromazine at a dose of 25 - 50mg taken only in the first few months. In November 1957, after the expiration of disability returned to work in the library. Worked quickly, accurately, with others were good, friendly relations. Since the end of December there was inner turmoil, wanted to find out relations with all, notice that she is being persecuted some men decided that they wanted to marry her. Reappeared hallucinations, first heard the voice of his friend, who was making her sexual advances, threatening with violence, shooting, and soon joined by two voices - the son of a friend and former physician male. Voices were loud, often came from above and behind. Longer cope with their responsibilities at work, reduced the rate of first and then completely stopped working, something depressed, weighed. Intensity escalated votes, announced that speak through the microphone, the sound that was threatening to kill his mother if she does not become the mistress of a statesman. Often chanted phrases, repeated the same words, sometimes spoken fluently. Voice or turned to the patient, or were discussing among themselves. Was excited, almost did not sleep. Admitted to a hospital 18yanvarya them. PB Gannushkina.

At the hospital in the early days of confused, fidgeting restlessly walks the office, stopping, listening to something. Do not miss the doctor asks to speak with her, to help understand what is happening.

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