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Ukhtomsky Alexei

Alexei Ukhtomsky born June 25, 1875 in Rybinsk on the Volga. Years of childhood and adolescence spent in a small town of the Volga, Alexei always remembered fondly, proud of his homeland, his life called himself "Volgar".

Chelpanov Georgy

George N. Chelpanov born April 16, 1862 in the city of Mariupol Ekaterinoslavskaya province. He received elementary education in the local parish school and then studied at the Alexander Mariupol school, which he graduated in 1883 with a gold medal. It was there that he first became interested in psychology. His hesitation, whom to elect their leader, leaned in favor of NY Grotto, and in 1883, GN Chelpanov entered the historical-philological faculty of the University of Novorossiysk, where at that time taught NY Grotto.

Shpet Gustav

Gustav Shpet born March 25, 1879 into a poor family. Father he had, and his mother, Marcelina Osipovna Späth, belonged to a family of impoverished shlyahtichskoy Volyn, where it even before the birth of son went to Kiev. Mother raised her son alone, earning his living by washing and sewing. Through her selfless care Gustav was able to get a good education.

El'konin Daniil

Daniil El'konin born February 16, 1904 in the province of Poltava. In 1914 he enrolled in Poltava gymnasium, from which he was forced to resign after 6 years due to lack of money in the family. The next few years he worked as a clerk Military policies, educator of young offenders in prison. In 1924 El'konin was sent to study at the Leningrad Institute of Social Education. Soon after this institution was attached to LGPI. Herzen. In 1927 he graduated from the Faculty of Education of the Institute, and then 2-year stint teacher-child pedologue profambulatorii October Railway. In 1929 he began teaching at the Department of Pedology LGPI. Herzen.

Karl Abraham

Karl Abraham born May 3, 1877, His parents were followers of Judaism, and the house always strictly observed all the rituals and rules. After admission to the university several Abraham departed from compliance with these rules, despite the fact that it provoked the deterioration of his relationship with his father he learned a lot and worked especially hard foreign languages, fluent in English, German, Italian, read in Danish, Dutch and French. His first article was published when Carl Abraham was 15 years old She was devoted to the similarity of the language in different Indian tribes of South America.
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