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Nikolai Rybnikov

Nikolai Rybnikov, one of the most prominent, but undeservedly forgotten now Soviet psychologists, was born in 1890 He came to psychology rather late - at age 27, and his path to knowledge was quite peculiar. So, he studied only in elementary school, high school course he had to comprehend their own, in the manner of self-education. Only in the 25th year of his life he was able to pass the external examinations for the full course of the classical school and enter the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University.

Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov

Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov - famous Russian scientist, the "father of Russian physiology" and founder of materialistic psychology in Russia.

Anatoly Smirnov

Anatoly Smirnov was born October 24, 1894 Ruza Moscow province in family barrister. He lost his mother and was brought up in a family of aunts. After graduating in 1912 Warsaw gymnasium AA Smirnov entered the historical-philological faculty of Moscow State University. In the same year the university was founded Institute of Psychology, director of which was GI Chelpanov. Under his influence, AA Smirnov became interested in psychology, studied determinant and associative flow representations.

Teplov Boris

Boris Teplov was born October 20, 1896 in Tula, where he spent his childhood and youth. In 1914 he joined the department of philosophy and historical philological faculty of Moscow University, but studies were interrupted by service in the army. As a result, he was able to finish university only in 1921 In University, 1921 BM Teplov graduated from Higher School of military camouflage.

Dmitry Uznadze

Dmitry Uznadze was born in 1888 in the village of Sakara Kutaisi province into a peasant family. In 1896 he enrolled in Kutaisi gymnasium, where he distinguished himself as a capable and diligent student. But despite this, he was expelled from the last class for active participation in the revolutionary movement.
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