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Aleksandr Romanovich Luria

Alexander Romanovich Luria was born July 16, 1902 in Kazan, the family doctor. After graduating from high school he entered the Kazan University at the Faculty of Social Sciences. After graduating from university in 1921 he was engaged in experimental psychology, in particular his first studies were devoted to the psychophysiology of labor.

Ohorovich Julian Leopold

Known in Europe, Ukrainian and Polish scientist, member of Russian Psychological Society, the initiator of the First International Congress of Psychology, one of the founders of the International Institute of Psychology in Paris in 1900, assistant professor of psychology at Lviv University Ohorovich Julian Leopold was born in 1850

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - the great Russian scientist, the physiologist, who left an indelible mark in the history of science, and world-renowned scientist and Nobel laureate. Achieve scientific schools, students created Pavlova identified new incarnation Pavlovian ideas in modern studies and opened up the possibility of penetration of physiological thoughts on cellular, membrane and molecular levels of system functions, allowing to understand the subtle mechanisms of adaptive reactions.

Arthur V. Petrovsky

Known domestic psychologist Arthur V. Petrovsky was born May 14, 1924 in Sevastopol. His fate is complex and interesting. When World War II began, he volunteered to go to the front. After demobilization Petrovsky, having worked for some time in a munitions factory, went to a vocational school. The next stage of his education was the school for working youth, where young Peter became interested in philology and on leaving school he entered the Faculty of the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute VP Potemkin, and then - in graduate school. The topic of his doctoral dissertation combines aspects of two sciences: psychology and philology, which Peter was carried away by the time and in 1950 defended his first scientific work "Psychological views AN Radyshcheva. "

Sergey Leonidovich Rubinstein

Sergey Leonidovich Rubinstein was born June 18, 1889 in Odessa, the family lawyer. In 1908 he graduated from the Richelieu gymnasium with a gold medal. Higher education, he decided to get in Europe, where, and went right after high school. Rubinstein first enrolled in the University of Freiburg, but after two semesters left in Marburg, where he continued his studies.
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