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Kravkov Sergey

Sergey Kravkov - outstanding domestic psychologist, physiologist, who made a significant contribution to the study of psychophysiology senses. Kravkov considered one of the founders of physiological optics - a scientific discipline, which is a synthesis of knowledge about the physiological, psychological and physical laws describing the function of the body.

Alexander F. Lewis Carroll

Alexander F. Lewis Carroll was born April 12, 1874 in Pereslavl Poltava province in a poor family. He graduated from the Lubyanka gymnasium with a gold medal and entered the Military Medical Academy, where he was actively engaged in psychology. Under the leadership of Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev AF Lewis Carroll studied mental and neurological diseases, got a great neuro-anatomical and neurophysiological training, conducted a series of independent research.

Lange Nikolai Nikolaevich

Nicholas Lange was born in 1858 in his youth, he was not interested in psychology and philosophy, and history, after graduating from high school he entered the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University. After graduating in 1882, he was retained by the Department of Philosophy. A year later he went to a trip abroad to collect materials relating to the moral teachings of the XIX century European thinkers. Needed to write his thesis. In fact, Lange used this trip to experimental psychological work in the laboratory of Wilhelm Wundt.

Alexei Leontiev

Alexei Leontiev was born in Moscow February 5, 1903, his parents were ordinary employees. Naturally, they wanted to give Alex a good education. It is not surprising that scientific activities Alexei Leontiev originates in his student years. In 1924 he graduated the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Moscow, where GI Chelpanov read the general psychology course.
Boris Fedorovich Lomov

Boris Fedorovich Lomov

Boris Fedorovich Lomov was born January 28, 1927 in Nizhny Novgorod. Already during his school years he was distinguished by a high level of intelligence, diligence and curiosity. In addition, learning in high school, he became interested in psychology. His dream - to engage in a favorite subject - came true when he entered the Leningrad State University in the Department of Psychology.

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