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Each group records laws substantial and stable relationship in a particular mental plane. The variety of existing laws, their various destinations, in BF Lomov, are a source of variability of psychic phenomena.

Also in this work BF Scrap outlined his idea of ​​levels of study of man and his psyche. At the highest level, the person is considered in the system of human relations and studied as a person. Subject of investigation in this case is the development of personality and social psychological phenomena. At the previous level person from the perspective of its own properties and structure in the context of its activities, direct communication and behavior. At a lower level processes and study of the human condition, his perception, thinking, memory, etc. This level connects psychology to physics and mathematics, and the next - from neurophysiology and biological sciences. The lowest level is associated with the area of ​​research or physiological neurodynamics provide mental processes. This hierarchy shows the relation between psychology and other sciences, in addition, it defines the basis for the systematization of data obtained in psychology.

Boris Fedorovich Lomov died July 11, 1989 in Moscow. He left a significant mark in many areas of domestic science, dealt with problems of general and engineering psychology, questions of touch, memory, visual perception. Especially important for psychology is a systematic approach developed by BF Lomov. This approach introduces a broad view of science phenomena studied, the most accurate method to raise the question for the study and outlines strategies to address it. The Institute of Psychology, created with the direct participation BF Lomov and under his leadership, trained many famous psychologists, and special studies of many different problems in psychology.


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