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Lydia Ilinichna Bozovic was born in 1908 in Kursk. At the end of the 1920s. she came to do in the 2nd Moscow State University, where the entrance exams met his future colleague LS Slava.

2nd MSU she met LS Vygotsky, who ordained the direction of its research activities. As a student, she and who later became distinguished psychologists AV Zaporozhets, RE Levina. NG Morozova, LS Slava's timeless fascination with listening to lectures Vygotsky. Under the leadership of HP Vygotsky she wrote and defended a thesis devoted to imitate.

After Vygotsky's death in 1934, research in the field of pedology were considered reprehensible, and Bozovic as acolyte Vygotsky dismissed from the Institute of Psychology, where she was able to return until 1948

Bozovic merit is to create its own original concept of the person, based on cultural-historical theory of Vygotsky. Notions of activity, versus reactivity, stability, and freedom of the individual at the heart of its conception of the person.

In the book "Personality and its formation in childhood" under Bozovic person understands "man who has achieved a certain level of mental development." This level recognizes it as a condition where "in the process of self-man begins to perceive and experience itself as a whole, different from other people, and expressed in the concept of" I ". To rightfully called personality, according to Bozovic, a person must have "their own views and attitudes, their own moral requirements and evaluation, making it relatively stable and independent of the alien to his own convictions environmental influences."

Necessary characteristic of the individual, according to Bozovic is "activity" is "conscious impact on the surrounding reality, change for its own purposes, the ability to control his behavior, activities and their mental development"

Bozovic was not only a great theorist, but also a remarkable practitioner: for 30 years she directed the laboratory of the psychology of personality in the Institute of General and Educational Psychology. Experimental studies carried out under her guidance in this laboratory, applied in practice in the Suvorov schools, boarding schools, schools for troubled teens

Research work carried out under the supervision of the laboratory staff Bozovic, 30 years have contributed immensely to the development of both experimental pedology, and in the development of psychology as a whole Thus, this work has been devoted to problems of motivation, learning problems of Soviet schoolchildren; problems dominance motives and personality orientation. Bozovic has paid special attention to the study of the ideals of the higher senses, arbitrariness will.

Despite the censure by the majority of Soviet scientists were innovation, laboratory staff studied the problems of identity, self-esteem, inadequacy and affect empathy, conformity and stability of personality, which corresponded to the issues occupying the minds of modern European psychologists of the time.

Nevertheless, despite all the repression, threatening her lifelong Bozovic not try to take the path of dissidence. It sought to remake Soviet society in the tradition of European humanism. So, together with Te Connick Bozovic howl anew, from a humanistic point of view, trying to look at the problems of the Pioneer organization, in particular the education of collectivism. In their understanding, collectivism was an altruism, kindness, compassion, empathy. It was at this time the laboratory staff Bozovic was introduced into the lexicon of national psychology concept of "empathy." The idea of ​​manipulating the child in whose name whatsoever, even the most noble ideas so often unsuccessfully USED Pioneer organization, fundamentally contradicts the teachings of the school Bozovic

Bozovic position in those hard times for the Soviet psychology is not shared by all. The very idea of ​​a pilot study of personality and regarded solely as perceived susceptibility bourgeois trends in science, which, needless to say, in no way consistent with the teachings of Ideologized Soviet psychologists.

Throughout his life, Lydia Ilinichna Bozovic worked in thoroughly ideological environment, nevertheless she was able to learn and incorporate into their scientific texts forbidden while the ideas of Freud, Rogers, Horney and other famous foreign psychologists

LI died Bozovic in 1981, the school's main contribution to psychology Bozovic is its method, and have not exhausted themselves so far on the use of an experimental way, the well-proven in practice and development on the basis of his own theoretical ideas: from practice to theory And almost every empirical study undertaken by someone from the school Bozovic, led to the development of his theory of personality.


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