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This served as a basis for comparative genetic method, which gave the opportunity to continually define the norms of adult development of various age groups.

The second group of studies, by contrast, has focused on the study of several people within five years. This allowed us to explore the holistic development of the individual for a long time. Thus, two groups of studies complement each other, allowing BG Ananyev get more insight into the different age status, the role of individual factors in the overall development of the individual. On the other hand, the studies of the first group were given a basis for greater objectivity of studies a second group.

In 1966 at Leningrad University was founded by the Faculty of Psychology, which included the department of general psychology, pedagogy and educational psychology, ergonomics and engineering psychology year later BG Ananev became dean of the faculty. On his initiative at LSU opened Institute of Comprehensive Social Research, as well as laboratory differential anthropology and psychology. Scientist actively involved in educational and scientific work of the faculty. He organized a completely new form of teaching students how creative meetings with well-known, venerable scientists Ananeva During work on the faculty at LSU came AA Smirnov, A. Leontiev, AR Luria, PY Halperin, scientists from Kiev and Tbilisi.

At the beginning of the 1970s. BG Ananev conceived collective book "Man as a subject of education," but to fulfill his plan failed. He died of a heart attack May 18, 1972

The scientific value of the works of BG Ananeva difficult to overestimate Despite the fact that he had to abandon research in pedology, the scientist continued active research in various areas of psychology: the historical foundations of science is to investigate the sensitivity and some psychological functions. In addition, BG Ananev and did much to further the development of psychological science in the country, education psychologists. Like other great scientists, he was not fully understood by his contemporaries, but later his scientific legacy was evaluated on merit.


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