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Boris Ananev Gerasimov was born August 1, 1907 in Vladikavkaz. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Gorski Pedagogical Institute. While he worked at the Institute of Pedology Associate Professor RI Cheranovskii, who in 1925 organized a cabinet pedology. The scientific work in this office made some students who were interested in the problems of psychology and pedagogy. Among them was Boris Ananev, which eventually became an assistant RI Cheranovskii.

In this study conducted research of intellectual giftedness children, their psychological characteristics at different ages. Diploma work Ananeva, made under the direction of Cheranovskii also touched on similar problems. She was devoted to the study of evolution outlook and attitude in adolescence.

In September 1927, BG Ananias was sent for training in the Leningrad Institute of the brain, and in 1928, after completing his studies in Vladikavkaz, finally moved to Leningrad. The main problems and held it at the

time, there were problems of classification of sciences and techniques of psychology, questions of formation of the psyche. When this young scientist advocated the adoption and use of theoretical conclusions of scientific schools, advocated the establishment of fundamental and friendly atmosphere in science.

Trying to attend graduate school Brain Institute, Ananev read at a conference his report "On the social utility of the musician (s psihofiziologacheskoy point of view)." Report was devoted to music, listening to its authority over and responsibility artist before them. Ananev led a large number of experimental data confirming the theory, comparing the impact of music with hypnosis. In March 1929 he was admitted to the graduate of the Brain Institute.

In the early 30-ies. XX century. he became head of the laboratory of psychology education at the same time organized in a school psychological service Leningrad. In his laboratory, students conducted research characters, which involved many teachers Leningrad. Based on these studies and the empirical data BG Ananev wrote his first monograph "The Psychology of educational evaluation", which was published in 1935

In 1936, research in the field of pedology were banned, AA Talankin, head of the Institute of Psychology of the brain, was arrested and convicted a year later BG Ananias was elected to his post. In the same 1937, he became the candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Because of the ban paedology he had to look for a new sphere of activity. One of the areas of his research was the psychology of sensory reflection. He wrote in this vein, several articles, the basic idea of ​​which was the hypothesis of the genesis of sensitivity. According to him, from the beginning of development of the individual human sensitivity acts as a function of the whole organism, and sensory processes play a significant role in this development.

In addition, he turned to the history of Soviet psychology, trying to express his own attitude to the subject. According to scientists, the history of science is necessary to rely to go ahead. Experience of his predecessors, he considered it necessary for the further development of their own views. In 1939, BG Ananev defended his doctoral thesis on the history of psychology.

When, during the war, Leningrad was in the ring of the blockade, the whole Brain Institute was evacuated. Ananev came to Kazan, and then - in Tbilisi, where he worked as many psychologists of the time, the psychopathological study hospital. He watched the patients had a severe shock, and they engaged in restoration speech function lost as a result of combat wounds.

In 1943, BG Ananev returned to Leningrad, where he headed formed in Leninfadskom State University Department of Psychology. He took most of the faculty of the department, organized the work of the Psychological Department of the Philosophy Faculty. During this time he published numerous works, those examining other types of touch and sensitivity, psychology of speech, some of the problems of child psychology. Also BG Ananev continued to study the history and personality psychology. In 1947 he published monofafiyu "Essays on the History of Russian psychology XVIII-XIX centuries.". Some of the articles are clearly seen his idea of ​​the formation of character and communication of knowledge of man by man, some of the patterns of formation of human consciousness.

At the turn of 1940-1950-ies. BG Ananev refers to the study of a new direction, the empirical foundations of which were laid in his work at the Institute of the brain. Scientist engaged in research bilateralism brain and its functions.

In 1957, at the solemn meeting dedicated to the anniversary BG Ananeva scientist gave a speech in which he argued the need for comprehensive studies of human synthesizing all existing anthropological knowledge. The same idea he expressed in articles "Man as a common problem of modern science" and "On the system of psychology," published in the same year. However, this idea at the time was not accepted by psychologists.

Activism scientist was suspended disease in November 1959 Ananev suffered a heart attack. In the next decade of his life, Boris Gerasimov worked exclusively scientific and journalistic activities in 1962-1966 gg. he wrote a series of articles. In them, he attempted to implement the plan, which arose in his earlier research summarized all of its predecessors, as well as their own, justifying an integrated approach to the study of man. Big was influenced by the experience of predecessors, primarily VM Spondylitis.

At the same time, BG Ananev began work on the book "Man as an object of knowledge." To do this in his lab were held various studies. The first group of these studies has been devoted to the study of age-related changes of psychophysiological functions in adults.

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