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Conti (one of the leading scholars of Sartre) asked him how he refers to the "label existentialist" and received the answer: "The word is idiotic. As you know, I did not choose it: it stuck with me, and I took it. Now I do not take it anymore. " Conti then asked who he would still prefer to be called - a Marxist or existentialist. Sartre said, "If we can not do without a label, I would prefer to be referred to an existentialist."

In May 1975, American philosophers Sartre took an interview in connection with his seventieth birthday, and in this interview recorded some of the results of the last stage of the evolution of philosophical thinker. "I consider myself a philosopher-Cartesian, at least in" Being and Nothingness "... Philosophy is the study of being and existence ... That's what I'm really different from Marxists ... I understand the issue of class, social issue, going from being, which is broader than the class, I see this as its superiority over the Marxists. "

In 1979, Sartre took part in the latest political action of his life. This was a requirement for the government to accept refugees from Vietnam, where tens of thousands of people on leaky boats out to sea to find refuge in a strange land, and a considerable number of them were killed.

The last time the old philosopher demonstrated that the life and liberty of the individual to a more ideological dogmas. Sad optimism emanates from his last conversation with his secretary. "You see, my writings unsuccessful. I did not say all that I wanted, not the way I wanted it ... I think ... a lot of my future refute the allegations, and I hope some of them will stand the test, but in any case history moves slowly to the realization of man by man ... That's what gives what we have done and will do, a kind of immortality. In other words, you have to believe in progress. And this may be one of my last naivete. "

Official funeral was not. Jean-Paul Sartre, who died in 1980, before his death he asked for it. The famous French writer, an active member of the leftist movement and the greatest philosopher of his time, above all appreciate sincerity. However, as the funeral procession moved through the left bank of Paris, past the writer's favorite places to her spontaneously joined by 50,000 people.


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