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So began the love marriage often goes to the community of the two owners, which merged two egoist.

All attempts to change the structure of living together (group marriage, collective sex, etc.) - it is only an attempt to circumvent the difficulties of true love. When a person falls fortune to meet "his half" and the gift of love, he does not need to search for new partners, and laid out entirely in one true love, "their half."

In the structure of personality, by Fromm, love takes center stage next to religious feeling and outlook.

Fromm became known as the representative neofreydizma, trying to tie the ideas of Freud and Marxism. Recognizing the basic concepts of psychoanalysis, Fromm focuses on the social factors. He believes that they determine the content of human life. Fromm believes that both capitalism and communism render a robot. Society based on the accumulation of wealth as a society characterized by totalitarianism, can not be a satisfactory model for social development. According to him, the original humanist Marx's views were completely distorted by modern real socialism and turned into a "vulgar fraud." Fromm found "remarkable kinship ideas of Buddha, Eckhart, Marx and Schweitzer."

According to Fromm, the society should be such that the people in it has been associated with human love, the bonds of brotherhood and solidarity, rather than blood and dirt, so, "which enables him to overcome his nature through creativity, not by destruction, where everyone feels their own "I", seeing himself as the subject of its own forces, not subordination, in which the system orientation and commitment exist without coercion to the destruction of human reality and the worship of idols. "


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