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Vladimir Ivanovich involved in expeditions for ten years (until 1937) for several months annually spends abroad. Strengthened its international recognition. Focusing on scientific problems, Vernadsky began to develop several ideas simultaneously.

First and foremost is the idea of ​​time. It seems frivolous, she studied so far only in the framework of physics and mechanics. Time - a universal characteristic and is manifested in all areas, but in different ways.

Another idea for the problem of space and life "becomes important not only for scientists but also for the philosopher and for any educated person."

Third - laying the foundations radiogeology, the science of geological age.

Since 1935 lives in Moscow, Vernadsky. He is working on a book "The chemical structure of the Earth's biosphere and its environment" with an original extensive preface "Philosophical thought naturalist." Four years later, this beautiful work was a logical continuation of his work "Thoughts on the History of Knowledge" - "Scientific thought as a planetary phenomenon." And this despite the difficult situation and the tragic events in the country.

Vladimir Ivanovich himself keeps surprising sobriety and depth of understanding of what is happening in these years. This is evidenced by his diaries and correspondence. His initial rejection of "socialist scholasticism", "violence against the human person", "exceptional moral and mental oppression" is the same as before the eyes of the spectacle increasingly "barbarism" of life and culture, disorder and decline of scientific work, forced enslavement masses of the people ("A million prisoners - gratuitous labor, plays a significant role and a greater role in the public sector" - a diary from January 5, 1938).

Before 1938, Vernadsky often traveled on business trips abroad, and his children lived in exile son George was a Professor of History at Yale University in the U.S., daughter, psychiatrist, who married archaeologist NP Toll, settled in Prague - each They persistently called his father and mother to him. But Vladimir Ivanovich always returned home. Itself it does not meet the tragic fate of Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov (which shocked Vernadsky), but many of his followers were persecuted and exiled. Vernadsky showed great personal courage, protesting and petitioning about them before the powers that be, how much you can help financially and morally arrested and exiled.

Nevertheless, he sees positive results and state of economic development in these years, understands that the Bolshevik regime - paradoxically - saved itself the Russian state, the authoritarian, despotic power became so painful, but necessary treatment, which tightened disintegrated as a result of the revolution and fratricidal war of the country, and to revive their cause, even by force, to a new unity and a new design. "Now historically clear that, despite the many sins and unnecessary - they decompose - cruelty, on average, they brought Russia on a new path" (August 5, 1941).

Vernadsky - one of the most prominent scientists in the field, which is considered a strategic state. In June 1940, received from the United States of information about his son works on "new nuclear energy," Vernadsky has initiated a special academic commission to develop a national nuclear program and submit it to the government.

During the war, together with the oldest Vernadsky academics Burabai evacuated to Kazakhstan. All he sees is happening in terms of the ideas dear to him noosphere. "All the inhabitants fears and arguments, as well as representatives of humanitarian and philosophical disciplines of the possible death of civilization linked - says confidently scientist - underestimating the strength and depth of geological processes, which is currently undergoing a transition world biosphere noosphere. "

In Hog ​​Vernadsky has been doing chores is final "Chronicle" of his life, the history of the origin and development of his ideas and practical affairs. He consciously preparing for the last transition and as consistently and methodically, as he did everything in life, brings under her touch.

"In general, I'm always working steadily. I am getting ready to leave this life. No fear. Disintegration of atoms and molecules. If it can be - it goes into another living, not any single form of "transmigration of souls", but in the decay of atoms (and even protons). Vivekananda irrefutable faith in the present state of science. Atomic living individual - and I'm including - with about Skobov e I "(Diary of December 27, 1942).

But it is still waiting for one serious personal test February 3, 1943 from a sudden disease kills his best friend and assistant, wife Natalia Egorovna with which they lived in perfect harmony 57 years. March 12 of the same year Vladimir Ivanovich is 80 years old. It awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and awarded the Stalin Prize 1 degree - two hundred thousand rubles.

The last article thinker - "A few words about the noosphere" - is not only a condensation of his innermost beliefs, but also extremely concise and clear summary of the scientific ideas and discoveries that led to the vision of the noosphere in their logical and historical sequence. In "Truth" this article, bearing the name of "What and why do we need to know about the noosphere", and has not appeared, but in a somewhat extended as published in scientific journal "Advances in modern biology" (1944) and in English magazine "America Scientist" (1945) under the title "The biosphere and the noosphere." In Moscow, Vernadsky returned at the end of August 1943. December 25, 1944 it immediately, as once his father, a brain hemorrhage.

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