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D Pervova on the translation of Aristotle, Rozanov interested aphorisms Pascal. Apparently, this is the genre further and influenced the manner of presentation of the writer. Book "Solitude. Almost as a manuscript "(1912)," Fallen Leaves. Box 1-2 "(1912-1913)," Death "(1913)," after sugar "(1913).

According to one critic, "Rozanov was packed himself" because the reader would not be as needed. In "Solitary" Rozanov formulates and his attitude toward religion. It resembles the attitude toward Christianity Leontiev, namely attitude to Christ as a personal God. In this case, the Church as an institution - and there is no church remains as cozy chapel, where the nice, warm, comfortable, where you can communicate with God as a good friend, the writer is the Church perceived as a kind of a family home, where he was pleased to be. Naturally, the official church authorities took a position strongly opposed, Maxim Gorky wrote V. Rozanov in April 1912.

"Just arrived from Paris - the city where all people artfully pretend jovial E - found on the table" Solitude ", grabbed, read two times and satisfy me your book, Vasily, deepest sorrow and pain a Russian man, and I burst into tears - I am not ashamed to admit, most bitter tears. Lord have mercy, how painfully difficult to be Russian. "

"Solitude" was so full of "frank" and "free" expressions that at first it was generally arrested for "pornography." Critics saw in the book "spitting all Russian" and Rozanov himself likened "cynically wise Karamazov" that in reality, given the method of presenting the thoughts of the writer as a "diary underground man", was under a fairly solid base. But Rozanov order and stipulates that a book is "almost as a manuscript."

The author's position seems paradoxical with the conservatives he freethinker, a radical reformer foundations of religion, with the Liberals - a conservative, even "reactionary." "I myself am constantly berated Russian. Even almost only doing what I abuse them. "Prenesnosny Shchedrin." But why do I hate all who scolds them too? And even almost just hate those who hate and Russian especially despises "(" Solitude ").

Such doubling knows no limits, it goes through all the thoughts, preferences, fantasies and tears Rozanov. Every "no" implies "yes", because a lot of "I" living these "no" and "yes", and therefore possible that there are many truths. But it would be an unforgivable mistake to equate truth with moral fiber, knowledge or doctrine. Truth is not something that exists outside of us and apart from us, it can not be "object", detached from the subject. "Only where the subject and object - one disappears true," - would be wise Rozanov.

Revolution of 1905, he took something egalitarian. Raised in poverty, he greeted her book "When the authorities took", published in the wake of events. Until 1911 no one would have dared to call him a writer. In the best case - essayist (in his younger years, he published a series of stories about his journey along the Volga - "Russian Nile"). But here comes "Solitude." Reaction Gorky we know. Leading critic of the time M. Gershenzon was delighted. And he himself believed Rozanov "Solitude" best and loved his work. Even talking about opening Rozanov new literary and philosophical genre.

However, brewing more terrible events - approached the First World War. Tea Rozanov, who visited St. Petersburg spiritual artistic and intellectual elite of the capital, were held less frequently (with the exception of Rozanov Religious and philosophical meetings did not affect the composition of the present). Rozanov at this time actively collaborated with the "New time", where during the war were published his anti-German film. Rozanov with his usual "naive" publishes an article which are "Beat the Germans!"

This finally broke those rather weak ties that still remained between him and the "public" that neither this nor the other fundamental issues of his strong opinions had. Furthermore, Rozanov actively collaborated in the youth "non-party journal" "Spring water", led letters department.

VV Rozanov devotedly loved young. He carefully looked through correspondence, often published letters from readers without exceptions and answered almost every correspondent. However, after the October Revolution, the magazine was closed as a "White Guard" and editor in chief of "Torrents of Spring" emigrated to Manchuria and then became one of the main initiators and inspirers Russian Fascist Party. This one (although not the main) reason why Rozanov not published.

October 1917 knocked out from under the feet of VV Rozanov soil. "Apocalypse of our time" - the story of the economic and moral collapse of Russia. Rozanov shocked to hear about that one, "such a serious old man" expressed the hope that with the former king stripped skin "ribbon for the ribbon." The great writer and philosopher moved to Sergiev Posad, where, first, allegedly was easier to live, and secondly, there is the writer's best friend served - Father Pavel Florensky.

Years 1918-1919 - a series of misfortunes in the continuum of life of the writer. Tragically killed his only son Vasily. Last Letters Rozanov tragic. It was at this time it is not only concerned with the fate of his own people, but of humanity as a whole.

"Obviously the world disintegrates, decomposes, sizzling. It's so scary, so new special cosmogony Christ, or rather full cosmic nature, that we can only remember that in anticipation of all peoples and p (Elihu) really believed that "the world must be an end," that "imperfect world." Christ takes us into a kind of eternal night where we will be "alone with Him." But I'm just scared, in mortal terror, and I say I do not want.

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