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He asks who has ever met a beautiful woman living in the pages of books in Gogol? This maloobyasnimaya pathological hatred for Gogol held rod around creativity Vasily Rozanov and end in "Apocalypse of our time." "This was right features - Gogol!", Talking about how "Rus faded per day, maximum two." "According to Vasily Rozanov, since Gogol Russian literature with its endless problems" superfluous man "nothing good can not lead.

But not only the deceased, but also with living writers Rozanov sometimes enters into controversy. Sometimes it goes beyond the bounds of decency. So it was, for example, in 1894, when he argued with print Vl. S. Soloviev, with whom he tied a strange relationship. Rozanov wrote an article in which distinguishes between freedom and tolerance. "The Spirit of our church - wrote Rozanov - is undoubtedly the spirit of freedom, the highest, on earth is not feasible, but it allows freedom only if a merger with and not freedom wipe out this shrine. " It should be noted that "retrograde" Rozanov position on the freedom of conscience within five years will change its sign to the opposite. Solovyov instantly parried Rozanov, published an article entitled scathing "Porfiry Golovlev about freedom and faith."

Solovyov Rozanov called "Judas," he answered fan no less insulting epithets. Then they both repeatedly to sort things out, explained in mutual sympathy. "I believe that we are brothers in spirit" - these words from the letter Solovyov Rozanov the best way to convey the essence of their relationship.

Arriving in Moscow, Vasily entered the service in State control, which was led by an old friend Leontiev - TI Filippov. Position Rozanov was quite high - official roving class VII, with a salary of 100 rubles per month. But, with high cost of living in the capital (only for the apartment had to give 40 percent of salary) Rozanov had to write a lot. He wrote easily, nothing for a ruling. Immediately, without written corrections could be printed. Rozanov writings were published in editions of many different orientations, which naturally resented both opponents and supporters of the writer, "writes two hands" - talked about it.

Naturally, he used aliases while mass (called the figure 47 - from a simple "RV" to "Mnimoupavshego from the chair"). However, even this did not save from lack of money, and his wife Varvara later recalled the cold and hunger that they experienced immediately after moving to the capital. After gathering some information about the work of the bureaucracy according to the National Audit Office audits, Rozanov planned to publish a series of articles in which he expressed a very negative view of officialdom as a major plague Russia. Articles already went to the set, but the censorship forbade publication. Vasily had to find a new job.

In the beginning of the century continued Rozanov printed in many newspapers and magazines and various wing political trends in literary magazines, for example, in the "Golden Fleece" in the religious and philosophical journals, for example, in the "Path". Already in the first years of the XX century, it brought Rozanov not only fame but also material prosperity. The family could not even make a little foreign travel.

At the same time in St. Petersburg start interviewing famous intellectuals and clerics in order to establish common ground "between faith and reason." Under different names and at different times, these disputes "continued until the First World War. However, Rozanov expelled from them in 1902 for a series of articles on "Beilis case." Initiators of exile were the same Merezhkovskys. Russian intelligentsia, with very few exceptions opposed shameful court Jew Beilis, who allegedly for ritual reasons bled "Russian boy Andriusha Yushinskogo." Court failed miserably, but Vasily Rozanov placed on the pages of newspapers ultra anti-Semitic articles. His books are not sold out because of a boycott readers. Fantastic performance Rozanov allowed him to simultaneously write books and actively act as a publicist in an extremely conservative newspaper "New Time", where he went to work at the end of the XIX century at the invitation of its owner ASSuvorin. However, and here he met open hostility its regular contributors.

It should be noted that this period Rozanov books, including two volumes of "The Metaphysics of Christianity" ("dark face" and "Moonlight People"), published a little later - it usually collections of his articles, published at various times in different organs of the press, compiled thematically. What has been written previously, Rozanov longer interested. A characteristic feature of Rozanov publicist (and philosopher) was the fact that he is very actively used their responses to the article.

August 26, 1910 with Varvara suffered paralysis - a sign of her formidable deadly disease. Rozanov was staggered home in despair and astonishment: "People do die." "I talked about marriage, marriage, marriage ... and to me was death, death, death" - writes Rozanov.

But even such records, similar to the fading leaves of the Tree of Life, rebels, obeying the creative force newborn surprise, the new literature. Literature "as a manuscript," literature "involuntary exclamations", "sighs polumysley, poluchuvstv", "descended directly from the soul, without processing, without purpose, without premeditation, without everything extraneous." Literature, in which at the same time in the immediate vicinity of each other, or radically destroyed or displaced, either - contrary to all canons! - Kept fresh unity hitherto separate elements of traditional literature: a diary entry, aphorism, private letter, literary analysis, theological comment polemical replica memoir story, lyrical fragment Appliance fact of family life.

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