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Russian religious philosopher and writer. Conceived a new religious outlook as a manifestation of "divinely process" as the embodiment, the acceleration of the divine in man and human history. His philosophy of life Rozanov also tried to build on the kind of deification, family ("Family as a religion," 1903), and sex. Major works - "On Understanding" (1886), "Family Affair in Russia" (1903), "In a world of uncertain and unresolved" (1904), "Around the walls of the church" (in 2 volumes, 1906), "The Dark face. Metaphysics of Christianity "(1911)," Fallen Leaves "(1913-1915)," Religion and Culture "(1912)," From the east motives "(1916).

Vasily Rozanov was born May 2, 1856 in the family of a forester and was sixth, penultimate child in the family. His ancestors from his father belonged to the clergy person, his mother came from the impoverished gentry. In 1861 his father dies Rozanov, and the family moved to the residence in Kostroma, where at this time in high school senior learns of siblings Basil - Nicholas. Mother rents an apartment - and so live. Nicholas, after graduating from high school, he went to study at the University of Kazan. Soon dies and the mother. Before her death she asked Nikolai help get school education Basil and his younger brother - Sergei. In 14 years, Rozanov becomes an orphan.

A childhood spent in poverty and toil, the constant fear of being carved out for anything, caring for the sick, dying mother, homely appearance - all this later led to exclaim Rozanov "I came out of the abomination of desolation ...". Childhood remains bleak spot in his mind. Rozanov studying in high school in Simbirsk, where he lives in the home of his elder brother - Nicholas. At this time, Rozanov actively reads positivists Voigt, Moleschott and of Russian - Belinsky Dobrolyubova Pisarev. College Basil repels his heartlessly scholastic approach as a person, and the subject of study.

In 1878 Vasily Rozanov enters the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. By his own admission, "university he slept," but this is where he fell in love with history and archeology. About sufficiently deep knowledge of history testify and his numerous works. Of particular importance for Rozanov had classes on medieval history and culture. Since that time, Vasily, hitherto indifferent to orthodoxy, loved to read the Bible. She became his handbook. Third year of university Rozanov tied the knot with Apollinaria Suslovoj - "muse Dostoevsky" beautiful, but very capricious woman, the daughter of millionaire merchant. Marriage with Rozanov Suslovoj held during the life of Dostoevsky. Hard to say what prompted the 24-year-old student marry aging, unbalanced woman, but most likely played a role halo "beloved Dostoevsky," the writer, the talent which Rozanov worshiped.

Suslovoj life years, and she left him in 1886, were true flour, family hell. While studying at the University finalized outlook as deeply pessimistic Rozanov. "... I realized the idea of ​​happiness as the supreme beginning of human life is the idea, however, undeniable, but she invented the idea created by man, but do not open them. but do not have a goal, embedded in his nature ... Hence it follows, and the suffering caused by the idea that she drowns him ... some natural targets embedded in human nature "

This idea, which came under the influence of student Rozanov assimilated them positivists idea of ​​happiness as the meaning of life, led him to the metaphysical pessimism for which classmates nicknamed Rozanov "Vasya the cemetery." Since that time, Rozanov appeared a feeling that there is something self, divine in nature - "how we grow", "as laid down in us," but there are "rushing", "casual", " ; whim. "

After graduation, Rozanov was a teacher in the public schools Russian heartland: Bryansk, Orel province (1882-1885), in Yelets (where students Rozanov in preschools were Bulgakov and MMPrishvin) (1886-1891), and Finally, in the White City preschools, Smolensk province (1891-1893). Red tape inherent in the institutions of public education, prompted Rozanov, who had already become quite well-known author of newspaper articles, write an article that caused a strong reaction from the then Minister of Education Delyanov - "Twilight of Education." Work days Rozanov in the educational system were numbered. Somewhat earlier, the book «On Understanding." Rozanov wrote in a state of great intellectual ferment. However, despite the presence of Russian "from eight universities and four academies", this voluminous work has not received any reviews. On the explicit failure of the venture (most circulation was sold to the wrapping paper) Vasily Rozanov said with irony.

Particularly significant for the beginning writer was in 1891. Then, working in preschools and Eletsk staying in a gloomy retreat due to disagreement with Suslov, Rozanov, together with the teacher of classical languages ​​PD Pervova thought up to translate from Greek into Russian "Metaphysics" of Aristotle. Working on a pair (first "give" pony and Rozanov brilliantly to "interpret" the meaning of what was said), they upgraded 5 chapters, published in the future NN Insurance. Comment made by Rozanov and his colleague, exceed the actual text and the translation quality was very high. However, this book, despite its quality factor was not in demand by the Russian public. Another important event in 1891, which radically changed the lives of Rozanov, was his meeting and a civil marriage with the widow of a priest Varvara BU, which was not just his wife and companion of the writer, but his support, "friend", "mommy» & mdash, as he is affectionately called her.

"For the first time in my life I saw the noble men and noble life - later recalled Rozanov - And life is very poor, and poor people.

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