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This booklet is still not found, Hume did not dare to publish during his lifetime "Dialogues", not without reason, for fear of persecution by the church circles. Besides these persecutions have made themselves felt: since 1770, Professor James Beattie of Aberdeen five times antiyumovsky pamphlet published "An Essay on the nature and immutability of truth against sophistry and skepticism."

In the spring of 1775 Hume showed signs of serious liver disease (it eventually and drove him to the grave). Philosopher decided to take care of the posthumous publication of his latest works and included a special clause in the will of this. But for a long time it evaded execution executors of his will, for the feared trouble for yourself.

Hume died in August 1776 at age 65. Adam Smith, a few days before the philosopher's death promised to publish his "Autobiography", adjoining the message about how Hume spent his last days. According to Smith, the philosopher remained true to himself, and in the last hours of his life he divided them between reading Lucian and playing whist, ironically over tales of afterlife reward and joked about the naivety own hopes for a speedy disappearance of the people of religious prejudice.


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