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Admires philosopher Diderot and Toussaint, who knew what they risk by publishing their books (for which he went to jail), and declares that he would rather die defending their views than to escape, renouncing them.

Provocative books are not only Lamettrie, but many of his actions, that in the eyes of his contemporaries was a natural consequence of his philosophical views.

Only people with whom Lamettrie was outspoken, including Maupertuis and Voltaire knew how unfair it was the general opinion about it. "This jolly, slyvuschego man, who is over all laughs, sometimes cries like a baby, from what is here. He implores me encourage Richelieu, that he obtained his pardon. Truly nothing should be judged by their appearance. La Mettrie in his works praises supreme bliss afforded him stay beside the great king, who occasionally reads his own poems. And secretly he cries with me, he is ready to walk back to the Motherland "- Voltaire wrote, are less prone to embellish Lamettrie that, once at the court of Frederick, became a favorite of the monarch. This honor was awarded before a Voltaire. The latter as the court took an instant dislike someone who took his place in the heart of the king.

Voltaire's pen when he wrote La Mettrie, took a dislike. He even once wrote, contrary to known facts that Lamettrie bad doctor. But Voltaire repeatedly escaped comments refuting his angry words of the philosopher. "It was the craziest, but also the upright man" - he writes his niece, and in a letter to Koenig says: "... it was a very good doctor, despite his imagination, and a very nice fellow, despite his evil antics. " "This man - says Voltaire in another letter - the opposite of Don Quixote: he is wise, when engaged in their craft, and a little mad at everything else ... I really believe in Lamettrie. Let me show another student Boerhaave having more than he minds, and write it better on his craft. "

Meanwhile, an increasing number of publications, not only criticizing the works of the philosopher, but also calling for reprisals against him. "Systematic Library" published an article stating that the "anti-Seneca" Lamettrie claims "such inflammatory things" that "must bring upon themselves and their supporters terrible persecution." This fate befell most likely be a few years later the philosopher. the king's mercy - something very unreliable, what Lamettrie soon discovered. But the disease suddenly cut short his life.

After his death, a rumor spread that he had died from overeating, gorged itself truffle pate. In fact, during a dinner with his patient, the French ambassador in Berlin Tirkonnelya, Lamettrie poisoned were sent from afar pate. German doctors prescribed an emetic. Lamettrie also currently prescribed bloodletting and hot tub. And the doctors, and he Lamettrie thought it poisoning. Today, however, the symptoms Lamettrie suggest that it was appendicitis or peritonitis, from which we could not save any emetic or bloodletting.

When suffering from plucked Lamettrie cry, "Jesus, Mary!" Penetrated into the sickroom priest rejoiced: "Finally, you want to return to this sacred name!" In response, he heard: "My Father, it is only the manner be expressed. " Maupertuis also attempted to return to the bosom of a dying church. No matter how bad it was at this point La Mettrie, he found the strength to argue. "And that will tell me if I get better?" Voltaire wrote that "he died like a philosopher," which talks about his repentance on his deathbed - "vile slander," for "La Mettrie, as he had lived, and died without acknowledging God or doctors. "

He died at age sorokadvuhletnem November 11, 1751. Three weeks later, a German newspaper published an epitaph, which stated:

"Here lies de La Mettrie, Gallic origin, there remained all his machinery institution. Fever, he grabbed at the court, she withdrew from his world, where he left behind a lot of stupid things. Now, it just disintegrated engine body, he will be able to make a reasonable inference alone. Reasonable same one conclusion: the man is not a member of the machines. "

Among all the people who wrote the philosopher immediately after his death, kind words to him were found only in Maupertuis Dezorme (in letters intended for publication) and Frederick II (a "eulogy", read at the meeting of members of the Academy and then published). Maupertuis wrote that La Mettrie was honest and good man, that not only he, Maupertuis, but "all who knew him, loved him, too." Dezorme, actor, made friends with another philosopher in Flanders and spent beside him last days of his life, wrote La Mettrie as a man "whose knowledge instilled hope in patients whose cheerfulness and joy was healthy. Noble, humane, willingly doeth good, sincere, he was an honest man and a scientist doctor. " Also characterizes the philosopher Friedrich. Translation of six works of Boerhaave, about thirty own books came out in the 17 years from the pen of a man spends a lot of time to practice medicine, medical research and careful examination of all output in the light of medical, scientific and philosophical works

This was La Mettrie, often portrayed slacker, filled the days and nights revelry.


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