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The Book of Love from the fourth Ruba Ghazali compares it with the ability of hearing, sight, smell, etc.

"In the heart there is also a capability called" divine light. " It may be called the "mind," "inner vision", "light of faith" or "reliable knowledge". All kinds of love can reach the highest degree of perfection and can be assembled together in a loving God. Only Allah is worthy of true love.

Ghazali believed that knowledge must be appended to the case. Personal science without - it has weapons hidden in a sheath or remove just when looms formidable, ferocious lion.

In "Resurrection sciences faith" connected with three main areas of Islamic thought traditionalism, rationalism and mysticism. All this explains the diversity of conclusions that could be drawn from the system thinker.

In other words, gas systems because of its diversity and combination of contradictory tendencies, which is typical for all the major religious systems of the world, could be used in the interests of different social classes and groups. In the history of the Muslim Faith, Imam Ghazali came with the title "Hudzhzhat al-Islam" - "Proof of Islam."

Muslims to this day say that if all the writings of the Koran and disappeared, but left it to "Resurrection sciences on faith," that one of Islam it could still be perfectly restored. Ghazali read much, much heard, knew a lot, but only one admired - stitching Arab poet Labidi. "Is not everything except Allah is false?".


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