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Psycology » Persons » Thinkers » Democritus of Abdera (GK 470 or 460 - Around 360 BC BC)

All these qualities and aspirations of the soul united Democritus in the concept of the highest good.

In his political views Democritus was a staunch defender of Greek democracy, speaking against the aristocracy for the slave form of government He wrote, "Poverty in democracy as much preferable to the so-called citizens' welfare under the Tsars, as freedom is better than slavery." Democritus belong apt remarks on the topic of stupidity and ignorance. "Fools better to obey than to rule." "Neither art nor wisdom can not be achieved if they do not learn." "The less worthy bad citizens they receive honorary positions, the more they become careless and enforced stupidity and arrogance." "Fools tend to the benefits of delivering a happy occasion, knowing well the value of such benefits tend to benefits delivered wisdom."


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