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Thales said that the Friends need to remember in person and in absentia, that ought not to be mean Prigogine and tetchy good. "Not Rich evil means - he taught - and not let any gossip you away from those you trust." "What are you supported his parents - he said - and expect this support to children." From his short aphorisms which credited solely to him, the most characteristic of his genius are certainly following. "Ignorance - a heavy burden," "Being in power, govern themselves." About Thales passed in antiquity and a legend (her very willingly repeated Aristotle). "They say that when Thales, because of his poverty, reproached the uselessness of philosophy, he, having seen Observer stars of the future [rich] harvest olives in the winter - the blessing he had a little money - gave them a deposit for all oil press in Miletus and Chios. He hired them for nothing, because no one has given more, and when it came time and demand suddenly increased, it began to give them for rent at its discretion, and collecting a lot of money, showed that philosophers can easily if you want to get rich, but it is only not what they care about. That's the way, say, Thales showed his wisdom. " Aristotle emphasizes - harvest Thales predicted "Observer" stars, that is, through knowledge.

Ironically, it was the genius of Thales folk legend exposed target for ridicule bystanders and maids. This sarcastic story conveys Aesop, and transmits it to Plato.

"They say that, watching the stars and looking upward, Thales fell into a well, and some frakiyanka - pretty and witty servant - laughed at him, he supposedly wants to know what is in heaven, and that before him, and under his feet, does not notice. "

End of life Thales fell on rich legendary reign of Croesus, king of Lydia, to comply, in particular, Ionia. Date of death unknown first philosopher Diogenes Laertius writes: "Died Thales looking at gymnastic competitions, away from heat, thirst, and senile weakness. On his tomb is written: This tomb is small, but the glory of it is immense. It is hidden before thee, mnogorazumny Thales.


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