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Scientists have proven that human pupils react not only to light

Scientists have proven that human pupils react not only to light

There is a good saying: "Eyes - the mirror of the soul." But according to new research, pupil size can be a way of measuring a person of interest in anything. As is known to respond to pupils light. Pupils widen if a person is in a dark room, thus they try to let as much light, but it is worth only come to light as pupils become very small, and will be narrowed to the point size. In response to psychological stimuli, reaction of the pupil to become such as in response to light. When paying close attention to something, the pupils dilate. But according to Bruno Laenga study author pok

With age, people become happier, but why?

With age, people become happier, but why?

Studies have shown that when older people look at old photos, they begin to focus and remember happy moments more than the negative. But why is this happening? Some psychologists argue that it is responsible for cognitive processes. When elderly people focus their attention on positive developments, they forget about the bad moments. It helps them to regulate their emotions, which allows to look at life in the best svete.No this assertion requires proof. Some simply do not see a connection between the man and the fact how much he is happy. Others believe that older people are just looking for a situation that ...

Sleep may intensify negative memories and emotions

When a person gets into a stressful or traumatic situation, he thinks about how to emotionally cope with the situation. As an alternative solution to the problem, many people choose sleep. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst have been studies which have been made after the unique conclusions about the emotional state of a person after they experienced adverse events. Those who after seeing awake emotional reaction to what is happening was less intense than those of people who even got some sleep after that. In fact, sleep helps to "preserve" in the minds of negative events. Sleep is an evolutionary advantage in the opinion of Doctor ...

Women are becoming more stupid when they are surrounded by a small group of people

Have you is that when you are in range of people, such as a business meeting, or at a party, you start to feel a little silly intellectually? According to recent studies, in fact, when a person is in a small group of people, it is reduced IQ, particularly for women. To assess the level of intelligence, the researchers selected 68 people. They were introduced to each other, after which they were divided into groups of 5 people and gave them a standard IQ tests, and compared the average IQ of the group. After that, each of them was asked to undergo a computer test IQ. The results showed that the con

Barack Obama has proposed to increase funding for Alzheimer's research

Barack Obama has proposed to increase funding for Alzheimer's research

Obama administration in Washington has decided to increase spending on research related to Alzheimer's disease. These costs exceed half a billion dollars plan next year to find effective treatments for brain, and in 2025 to defeat the disease. U.S. president also asked Congress for $ 80 million to research the disease, which is scheduled for 2013. "The study of Alzheimer's disease has reached an interesting moment," said Francis Collins, in an interview Assoclated Press. Patients who have been arguing that the costs of the country, aimed at studying Alzheimer's too small. More than 5 million people already or diagnostician

Maternal depression and bilingual families may influence the development of a child's speech

When a child is born, he can learn to speak any language in the world. In the crucial period when the child is already set up, start to speak their language, everything can change due to environmental influences. This may affect the mother's depression or a family where they speak two languages. This is the conclusion reached by scientists of the University of British Columbia. They first decided to investigate the effect of the psychological health of the mother and antidepressants on the mechanics of language development. Preliminary results help to take a new look at early childhood development and mental health of the mother, to learn new approaches to purchase a certain lang ...

Results of research related to Alzheimer's disease shocked many

drug for the treatment of skin cancer, has given hope to millions of patients, but that it will help to cope with the negative effects of Alzheimer's disease. Scientists conducted a study of the drug bexarotene in mice, and found that it can destroy the protein that causes Alzheimer's disease. Their study showed that the drug reduced by 75% beta - amyloid protein, which cause damage to nerve cells. Drug test conducted on mice. Three days later, after treatment, the behavior of the mice returned to normal. "Nobody could imagine that there is a drug that is capable of not worked

PTSD associated with brain injuries

Scientists have identified a causal relationship between traumatic brain injury and increased susceptibility to PTSD. According to studies, people who have even minor head injuries, likely will constantly feel this state, such as anxiety. In this case, you must take precautions to at least some time to avoid stressful situations. Rat study, motivated conduct surveillance of military veterans who have served abroad to make the connection between traumatic brain injury and PTSD ...

Wikipedia knows all about mental health

Researchers from the University of Melbourne found that Wikipedia is in the highest position among the other websites in terms of information on mental health. The researchers evaluated the entire spectrum of online and print materials on on mental health. They then analyzed the data and found that in most cases it was Wikipedia "at height" in most areas. Evaluated texts on mental health, but rather information about depression and schizophrenia, which was extracted from the 14 most popular web resources, including Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica and various textbooks on psychiatry. To

Violent video games increase aggression long after abandonment

Violent video games increase aggression long after abandonment

violent video games with violent scenes increases aggression, even at a time when a player has finished playing it, but still think about it. In addition, the potential for aggression may persist up to 24 hours. It has long been known that violent video games increase aggression. And according to a study conducted by Brad Bushman of Ohio State University and Brian Gibson of the University of Michigan that, at least in men, aggression does not stop when they do not play games like that, but just developing a strategy or just thinking about her. A study was conducted among students. They were offered to play and

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