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Psycology » News » Training » Seminar "Game witchcraft in everyday life and therapeutic practice" | 3, 10 and 17 February 2012, Moscow

All we need new forces, ideas and feelings. Without it, life becomes monotonous work - routine and meaningless. We invite you to shake off the sleepy stupor.
Desire and hope in everyday life and in the analysis - is both a goal and energy. How to learn to distinguish the true desire of the soul from the painful and destructive projections? Is it possible to literally create their own destiny (or at least sometimes to choose a life that is necessary and desirable)?

We offer you to play making wishes.

Our workshop will be a space in which each participant will be able to seriously look into the future - and possibly closer to their dreams and hopes. Ability to constructively address their dreams allow us to work more consciously with the wishes and demands of our clients, avoiding envy and fear.
We are waiting for everyone who wants to learn how to work creatively with their feelings, who are ready to create around himself alive, capable of growth and change space.

Topics of the seminar

1) Terms of desires. Persons needs. Ego-dream and its antipode in the unconscious. Accounting principle of compensation in the analytical work. Employment and dynamics of desire in the therapeutic process, transference and countertransference (Freud, Jung, Hillman, von Franz, paradoxical thinking works M.deM 'Yuzana).
Phenomenology desires and desired in child development and child psychotherapy. Teaching a child to art and desire to achieve doing. Implicit and explicit wishes of the parents, their role in the development of the child's psyche. Wishes of the parents towards the analyst.

2) A fabulous, mythological, archetypal images corresponding realistic desires. Working with the formulation of desires and requests. Image of their own destiny. My share. Help the gods and goddesses. Maternal and paternal protection. Conscious and unconscious creation rituals. Grounding embodiment fantasies with clients in the analytic process.
The idea of ​​a secret and confidential in the analysis. The role of the analyst's desire in a career: work with their own dreams and resistances.

3) Desire and randomness. Synchronicity phenomenon. Chance and accident. Timeliness. Chronos and Kairos. Unfulfilled and impracticable - the relationship between desire and shame. Archetypal images and payment rates. Game play and reliance on witchcraft magic in working with conscious and unconscious. Log in and create a symbolic field of holistic character in life and therapy. Incarnation desires.

Leading seminars

staff of the Clinical Center of Analytical Psychology:
- Natalia Pisarenko - analytical psychologist, candidate IAAR, children's therapist, a clinical psychologist (MSU. State University), lecturer MAAP.
- Prilutskaya Maria I. - child psychotherapist, analytical psychologist, clinical psychologist (MSU. State University), lecturer MAAP leading training programs in psychotherapy of children and adolescents (Moscow).

The program consists of three workshops on Fridays: 3 February, 10 February and 17 February from 18.00 to 21.00. St. m "China Town".
Contacts: 8 (963) 711-25-31 (Maria) or 8 (916) 560-72-52 (Natalia).


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