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Despite the fact that these two words, there is one and the same root meaning is not quite the same, although similar. The fact that certain sozavisimost is mirrored according to. Psychologists opinions on this issue are ambiguous. Some argue that codependency is the same disease, as well as dependence. Others believe that this condition is due entirely different. But whatever, nor was an addiction - a disease, or some little-known reaction to stressful conditions, the comparison enables understand what is happening phenomenon.

Consider this example. Man always thinks about alcohol, gambling and narcotics, intoxicating his mind. In this regard, he becomes restless, spoil your health, deprived of energy and strength. But he continues to be in a world of his predilections. At the same time, his wife, or someone close to people, always thinking - how to influence the dependent human addictions. They hope to find a way to control his behavior.

What is the difference between addiction and codependency?

The man has a dependency, unable to bear the consequences, which entail the use of various chemicals involved in gambling. It also can not be held responsible for what spoils his own health, and pays no attention to the problems of his family members. As a parent and filial duty in this case does not mean anything.

Another category of people who are co-dependent, but at first glance seem to be responsible, and to adequately assess their actions. In fact, with respect to the condition they are no less irresponsible than the first group. Their actions are ineffective, they can not correctly perceive their aspirations and needs, do not control their own health.

Man having codependency, lives in constant fear. He fears for his future and the present, afraid to be abandoned, no one needs. Codependency human life full of anxiety and thoughts pessimistic character. It is not enough joy, such an existence literally presses the huge mass of unsolvable problems.

Reasons hindering normal life addict

Dependence is expressed in the fact that a person can not determine the goals of your life and is not able to adhere to specific actions, as they are simply not identified. In this case, is the main obstacle?

First of all, the lack of confidence in their own abilities and capabilities. Usually, she pawned family and closest associates. If a person is not sure of its capabilities, there is a state of learned helplessness. An obstacle and a denial of their own true desires. Any desire to disguise a more suitable target, in terms of social position. This primarily relates to career, financial situation.

How to get rid of addiction and codependency

Primarily dependent person should be left alone, and not to impose their treatments and moral positions. Do not constantly read him morality. Believe me, a professional psychologist to cope with this task much better than you. Codependency relatives and members of the household is better to do them. Feature is that when the codependent person goes on the road to liberation from this state, the addicts will be pulled behind him.

Should inform the dependent person, that no one else would tolerate his behavior. But do not forget that everyone has the right to live as he sees fit, and the restriction is permissible only within reasonable limits. It is important to learn without interference find the optimal solution to the problem, and correctly assess the situation.


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