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Poll psychologists conducted in Safer Internet Day (celebrated annually on the first Tuesday of February), showed that reading the correspondence of a loved one in addition to a breakup and depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide.

Psychologists say: the desire to control your partner's actions, read his letters, SMSes is primarily self-doubt, fear of losing a loved one, or the fear of being cheated them.

Over time, the desire to constantly monitor your soul mate, turns into psychological and emotional dependence and even an innocent one communication partner, for example in the "classmate" or "Vkontakte", to become a real problem for the second. In addition, one of the pair, who begins to read someone else's conversation, feels emotionally satisfied as to what - what his expectations from the relationship did not materialize. As a result, a person begins to feel like a victim of betrayal, secrecy, etc. But if passive victim will simply arrange half scenes, cry, press on pity, the active will try to reduce the emotional pain through revenge, and often very cruel.

The man who is unsure of himself, not being able to talk confidentially, it will just show the unfounded accusations and claims half, trying to call it guilt. It is clear that such an attitude will partner unpleasant, and he will try to avoid contact, gradually pulling away from the jealous, and in the end, may well not completely sever relations, ie happen is what initially feared his mate. Here is the situation and may lead to a desire to kill herself because thrown partner will take care of man as his own death.

At the same time in order to avoid this sad scenario, just remember: "The main thing in love - trust."


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