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In an interview with RIA Novosti Anna Kholmogorova occupying the post of head of the department of clinical psychology and psychotherapy MGPPU reported that approximately 15% of the students of the Russian Federation requires special assistance, as they observed depressive disorder severe: "Our school surveys show that depressive condition where necessary qualified technical assistance, observed in 10-15% of students."

According to her, the school psychologist, after the detection of a similar situation, the whole family is obliged to send student in a special service where the child will help. Besides, the psychologist must be well-versed in children's fears, phobias, dependencies, and other situations that lead to depression.

"Most often, psychologists who work in schools, with minimal training in such areas as clinical psychology. Perhaps that is why they are unable to prevent suicide schoolchildren? "- This question was asked by one of the journalists, after the suicide of two girlfriends schoolgirls who jumped from a block of flats in Lobnya.

At the expert replied: "On the whole school, we usually work only one psychologist who is physically unable to carry out a full survey of students, to identify those who are at risk, and then call for a conversation parents of a child with signs of psychological problems. What kind of individual work may be involved in such conditions? ". She added that the minimum number of school psychologists should not be less than 3 persons, ie one psychologist directed only works with kids who are enrolled in junior high, a second, with students from the middle classes, and the third, respectively, with high school students.

Anna also urges Kholmogorova not be indifferent and parents: "If your child tells you what is happening in his class baiting or mockery of another student, do not stay on the sidelines, to intervene. Many parents only pay attention to their child's academic progress. Relations in the class is not interested in them, it is wrong. Do not forbid your children to make friends with children from disadvantaged children. For many children of drinkers families visit to visit a friend of a normal family, where it is supported, where he was glad a real outlet. Do not forget that helping other people's children, you give an example to other parents in a difficult situation and your child will also be assisted, if you would not close. "


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