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Children who have difficulty in routine activities such as dressing, drawing, as well as in the game of some species that do not have the chance to cancel a job board to work with the computer keyboard can suffer ataxia. It may not be associated with ADHD and other common disorders. In most cases, incoordination diagnosed quite early, but in some cases, the diagnosis may not be correct that in the future may even lead to disability and to states that require urgent psychological therapy.

Incoordination appear in childhood, and may occur throughout life. Unlike other diseases and injuries, this disorder is expressed in the inability to control the process of performing a specific motor task, consolidate them in memory and repeat the same task itself automatically. Such simple tasks as tying shoelaces, buttoning buttons, writing skills, cycling, which become automatic for healthy people, become a daunting task for people suffering from impaired motor coordination.

With age, such children may have problems with spatial and temporal organization, but also can appear a lot of difficulties in assessing the distance and speed. This will prevent them from driving a car or riding a bike.

This is due to a deficiency of neurons due to atypical brain activity, which is particularly difficult to diagnose in children. Complications such a state, because of late diagnosis, the individual aggravates the frustration and shame, which further leads to the fact that these children grow up introverts.

Professor Rosenblum Miri studies have been conducted in children with impaired motor coordination, in which used simple non-invasive tests and challenges that faced the subjects.

The study involved two groups of children, 20 in each group. In the first group were children diagnosed with "incoordination" and the second group of children without specific symptoms. Each participant was asked to write their name, the alphabet and copy a full paragraph. Performance tests are conducted using the electronic pen and notepad, using a specially designed program, which the researchers showed objective indicators related to temporal and spatial characteristics. These tests allow us to analyze motor, sensory and cognitive functions, taking into account elements such as: the power letters, time spent for writing each letter, the time during which the handle is in the air.

According to studies, each group showed different results. Children diagnosed with "incoordination" spent three times as much time to write each letter, as well as they handle is in the air longer than other children.

According to Prof. Rosenblum, research results show how children suffer with this diagnosis in the school, and anywhere need to write something.

Children diagnosed with "incoordination" are "transparent." They have no physiological or intellectual abnormalities in most cases they are above average intelligence, but they are unable to perform tasks requiring coordination between the sensory, motor and cognitive functions. With these studies, Professor Rosenblum concluded that diagnosis of coordination, can be used simple everyday tasks that in the future will provide the necessary advice and professional treatment.


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