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If it was previously believed that happiness is due to genetics and its own people can not control, that recent studies have shown that state of happiness can not only monitor, but also to maintain by simple, affordable to every person action.

University of California psychologists have identified five things that they think will make people happy.

So, in order to be happy to be:

  • Be thankful to others. The experiment, conducted scientists showed that people who wrote letters of gratitude, began to feel a rush of happiness. And it had nothing to do with the fact there was a letter sent to the addressee, happy people did thankyou, they wrote on paper.
  • Be optimistic. Tireless scientists conducted an experiment again, forcing the participants to describe their ideal future in a special diary. Those participants who took notes in a diary for a few weeks, reported improved mental state.
  • Rejoice fortunes. People who wrote all the good things that happened to them in the past 7 days, started to focus all their attention on the joyful events. Later they appeared many additional reasons to be happy.
  • To use their talents and strengths. Joke Man has a sense of humor can lighten the atmosphere, comfort or cheer others. Humor helps to distract from the issues.
  • Make as many good deeds. Folk wisdom says: "The good always comes back." People who helped the needy, donate clothes or money in special funds were starting to feel happier.

Actually turns out, happiness is much closer than we think, just a little effort.


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