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If you want to live a long and healthy life, you will be interested in the results of studies published in a new book «Longevity Project» («Project Duration"), authors Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin.

According to these authors, there are some things that just do not lead to life, but on the contrary, it can reduce:

- Easy and carefree life (carefree people often do not pay attention to health issues);

- Outgoing personality (extroverts are more prone to social pressure and alcohol consumption, smoking, etc.);

- Excessive cheerfulness and optimism ("rose-colored glasses" may interfere with the perception of the real threats).

This study, initiated in the 20-ies of the last century, Lewis Terman, included more than a thousand people who have been studied from childhood to old age and death. Data were also cross-checked using modern research methods, as well as with other long-term studies.

And what was one of the main factors to long life? This may seem surprising, but it is character traits rather than a specific behavior is the most important factor - namely integrity.

Conscientious people - reliable, hardworking, racks and even a little distracting in a good way. Surprisingly, it is a major factor conscientiousness longevity in childhood and also the best indicator of longevity in adulthood.

According to the authors, such people are more likely to take measures to protect their health, they are not included in risky activities are less likely to smoke, abuse alcohol, do not use drugs. Every day they make decisions that lead them in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the craving for other people, these individuals leads to healthier relationships and situations, including a happy marriage, a strong friendship, healthy work environment, etc. These people do things like this:

- Combined with other healthy people;

- Develop healthy habits;

- Help other people;

- Remain physically active throughout life.

More detailed results of the study can be found in the book authors, in which a lot of answers to questions. Thus, for example, contribute to whether the game with pets longevity? Or are religious people live longer? Does marriage long life? And many others.


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