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Individual human characteristics: ability, talent, genius

Abilities - individual psychological characteristics of personality, which are prerequisite for successful implementation of an activity. Ability observed in the process of mastering the activities, how the individual ceteris paribus easily, quickly and at the same time thoroughly learns the ways of the organization and implementation.

Individual human characteristics: character

Character - a set of stable individual personality traits, down in the process of growing and warrant the typical individual behaviors. Character represents the unity of biological and social, ie innate characteristics and the experience gained in the process of growing up. The birth is particularly true temperament, inclinations, the functional state of the organism, acquired influence on the conditions of education, environment, worldviews, successful socialization.

Individual human characteristics: temperament

Temperament - due to natural aggregate dynamic features of the psyche. The first ideas about temperament appeared in ancient Greece. In the 5th century BC Hippocrat all people divided into four types depending on whether fluid prevails in their body.

The concept of personality in psychology

Personality - system quality, characterized by a set of stable characteristics (temperament, character, abilities, attitudes) defining characteristic of the human way of relationships with the world and other people. Features that characterize the personality, partly due to genetic, ie innate, partly dependent on the influence of the environment, are formed in the process of communication. But despite the inherent nature of some components, the very system quality can occur only under the condition of public education.

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