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Representation - Images of objects and events that occur on the basis of their recall or productive imagination.

Images presentation is divided into two classes:

  • representation on the basis of perception - that recall previously perceived images (eg, apple);
  • representation on the basis of the productive imagination - this recall previously imagined images (for example, one created with imagination image Snake Dragon).

Images representations play a crucial role in the mechanisms of memory, as well as feedback - in perception: that representations underlie apperception.
As well as sensation and perception, views are divided into visual, olfactory, tactile, taste and hearing. A special role in human activities play a motor representation. Different people have the intensity and clarity of various types of representations expressed in different ways: some are more able to recall the visual image, the other - the hearing, and others - body sensations. Very rare to find people with good memory for smells and tastes - as a rule, tasters spirits, food, wine, etc.


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