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1. Treat your wife as much as you would like it to treat you.

2. Never say, "But my mom ..."

3. Never argue. Argue with a woman is impossible. Let the last word is always the wife, even if the word "Yes!"

4. Agree with everything and can do as you see fit, but do not put in the famous wife.

5. Do not forget Newton's third law: action force equal to the force of resistance. Keep this in mind in all your endeavors, as well as during marital battles. In a simplified sense, what you give is what you get.

6. Do not forget the motto of Don Juan: "Beloved - one compliments a day!" Well, maybe not one, but at least a couple of compliments on the day very strengthens the family unit. But there are no restrictions. And one can.

7. Word "love" should be used not only for their favorite dishes. The more times you say his wife "love" in different ways - the stronger the wife will love you.

8. Never tell his wife that she tranzhirka, a woman who does not like to spend money - it is not a woman. You need a wife - not a woman? If not, treat it philosophically tranzhirstvo - this is not a disadvantage, but the property of the female psyche.

9. Agree to listen to his wife, even if you think it is, as always, carries nonsense, and problems in her chicken. Woman agrees to have sex, even when not very keen, so that men need something to concede.

10. Never mentions his former mistresses (current - by itself, too).

11. In the presence of his wife never talk about women well, can tell only on cases in which the fair sex looks funny or unattractive. If a spouse will rush to defend vigorously, complete soothing, "But, honey, you're just a pleasant exception ...". Never compare his wife with other women, if the comparison is not in its favor; compare only if your half appears in a clearly advantageous light. Even if your half is clearly losing another woman for some parameters - still say that she is the best. Flattery of women can achieve much more and much faster than logical arguments.

12. Periodically offer: "Honey, I want to wash my dishes or make dinner?". She probably would refuse if he wants to keep intact the dishes and not to poison you cooked food, but it would be nice initiative.

13. Never leaning wife to have sex, if it is not in the mood. Rape in the marital bed - it is also rape.


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