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Each representative of the stronger sex wants to be a man, or whatever it was called a real man! But not every man can explain what is the meaning he puts into this concept.

I'll try to lay down their concept of this phrase. So "real man" - is representative of the stronger sex with pronounced physical and mental maturity. He lives according to the laws of natural selection and is always ready to fight for their ideals. Besides, he's smart, generous, well mannered and takes confident position in society, has impeccable taste. Time sharpens knives and throws garbage.

In fact, the image of "real men" formed during the evolution of all mankind. It's probably no secret that a civilized society historically emerged about several thousand years ago. And prior to the civilized society was a constant struggle for survival. Humanity while at least interested in questions: how to get food and how to avoid becoming food. Tribes of primitive people are constantly at odds with each other, taking away from each other, and women needed for life wealth, proving the superiority of force and brutality. Therefore, in those days in males valued qualities such as strength, physical endurance, courage, agility, cunning and ability to protect their property and a constant readiness to fight (with the tribe, the forces of nature, wild animals).

After millions of years of survival, men continue to fight, destroy and build, they like violent sports, mysteries and Westerns. They are, as previously love to fight and rob rivals beautiful women and wealth, with the only difference that now besides all this they need the power and the glory.

Thus, the "real man" - this man with pronounced primary and secondary sexual characteristics. His male body type, the right proportions, the corresponding scalp, normal growth, voice, masculine traits, etc. This man is focused on achieving success and can successfully move up the social ladder.

The image of this man lives in the consciousness (or subconscious) each representative of the stronger sex. Its significance for each man depends on age, education and training. Every man wants to meet the ideal image, because it would provide attraction to him almost all women and its recognition in society, even without a high social status. By and large, these two desires make men commit stupid and noble deeds.

Achieving success has most important motive in the psychology of men. No matter what he did, it is important that his actions, skills and merit distinguished him from the crowd and from the crowd. It elevates a man in his own eyes and gives him the right to not only be proud of themselves, and as a person and place.


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